Sunday, November 27, 2011

Abracadabra Takes Third Place!

Today we participated in a race sponsored by a Mazatlan sailing club.  We had a pick-up crew from a nearby marina -- Darwin, who crewed on a HaHa boat and is still hanging out in Mazatlan, and Katie, an airline pilot that had driven down from Portland to help a friend work on his boat.  It was a good course, with an upwind leg and a down-wind leg; the weather was beautiful; and we came in third!
Okay, third out of four boats.  And, interestingly, the judges placed us behind one boat that didn't even round the first mark.  So we're not entirely clear about how the scoring worked.  But as we have freely admitted in this blog - we're not sure how we won our class in the HaHa either, so I guess we'll just chalk this up to some sort of karmic balance. 

The committee boat managed to forget to bring a pencil, so the times were etched in play-dough (where there's a will, there's a way) -- perhaps that's one reason we were third?  The time-keeper and his play-dough tablet are below:

After the epic battle, we joined the fleet (all four boats of us, and the committee boat guys) for a beer at The Palapas, a local restaurant/bar.  It was good to meet some new folks, and to get out sailing. 

Marina life is very seductive.  We've even found a yoga class, and are looking forward to Tuesday night's outdoor movie.  But it was good to be reminded that we came for the sailing! 

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  1. It was great to sail with you all interesting regatta and results thanks again for the super large beer, it was fun to visit with everyone. I'm back in San Diego now its cold here enjoy the warm weather. I enjoyed looking at your blog. Good luck on your continuing adventures. Fair winds and calm seas. Darwin