Friday, May 25, 2012

Plans – As Far As They Go – And Adios Until October

As we reported in our FAQ answers, we are looking forward to returning to Mexico for another cruising season in the fall.  Our present operating theory is that we will drive down the Baja to La Paz in early- to mid- October when the weather is reported to become just “really hot” rather than “hellishly hot”.  We then plan to turn Abracadabra from a floating storage locker back into a sailboat and head back into the Gulf of California.  This, we think, will be in late-October or early-November.  After a month or so in the Gulf we plan to travel to the Mexican mainland and south until we don’t want to travel south any more [this statement has been intentionally left vague].  We’ll keep in touch on that.
So what will we be doing until mid-October, you ask?  Well, because we have leased our house to a tenant, returning to our life in Sacramento is not an option.  And at this point we have plans for the beginning and end of our "El Norte travels", but are a bit squishy on the remainder:

We are now in El Norte, visiting siblings in California and Canada.  So far so good – no family relationships have been irreparably damaged, and we’ve been well treated and well fed. 
This weekend we will head toward San Francisco, where we have been invited to house-sit for some friends who will be traveling in France and Italy for six weeks.  That's just the type of friends we are - always willing to help friends in need!  We are very much looking forward to living in San Francisco again, and count ourselves very fortunate to have friends that want squatters (uh – that would be “housesitters”) for their beautiful condo near Mountain Lake Park. 
The end of our season in El Norte will be a few weeks in Canada house-squatting for sister Brenda while she travels to Croatia and Italy in September.  Again, we selflessly offer our services to someone who must travel in Europe! 
In between . . . well, we anticipate that we will be on the road in a way that we have not experienced for many, many years - and we aren’t quite sure how it will feel.  We’re much older than the last time we were this rootless and have come to expect a level of comfort we were willing to forgo in our youth.  This is the first time Molly has been a wanderer in her own country.  So, we’re interested to see how this summer works for us -- including how, or if our wanderings will affect our interest in expanding our cruising life to an area of the world where one can more comfortably live aboard year round.  Stay tuned!
This is our sign-off on this blog for the summer (with the exception of updating our marina reviews).  We will pick back up with our stories of Traveling on Abracadabra when we return to Mexico in the fall.  Best wishes for he next few months to our friends, relatives and other readers. 

And, if you have a nice guest bedroom on the Pacific Coast, don’t hesitate to e-mail us and invite us to stay - even if you don't get to travel in Europe! 

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