Friday, November 1, 2013

It's Mostly The Weather - November 1, 2013

The Weather: 

For sailing, the weather's not so great - or at least potentially not so great.  Yet another disturbance in the Pacific is threatening to become a "Named Storm" (a Tropical Storm or Hurricane that is named by NOAA) and the computer models suggest she (she will be "Sonia" if named) could head toward Mazatlan.  We're not sailing away until that weather threat is resolved! 

For boat work, the weather's not so great either.  For example, today it's 90 degrees Fahrenheit (32 Celsius) with 92 percent humidity.  Our readers in Oklahoma and Ontario can imagine what that feels like.  And while that's not a really bad thing for a day in the shade by the beach catching a breeze, it's pretty brutal for working inside a boat with only very small windows and four 7-inch fans to create a breeze - or even outside in the sun.

The Glamor of Life In The Sun . . .
So, we've delayed moving aboard.  To quote Molly's mother Patti:  We're too old and too rich for that shit. 

We will be staying in our little marina-side apartment and enjoying the 6th floor breeze, ceiling fans, nighttime air conditioning and swimming pool for another week.  

Morning From Our Window - Abracadabra Off Screen Left

Abracadabra Jobs:

We're also waiting on some new canvas shades to be completed by Tapiceria Upholstery Work's (sic).  This is our third shade design, based on what we like/don't about our last two attempts and what we have seen that works/doesn't on other boats.  Ruben Najera, the talent behind Tapiceria, is a real craftsman, and has helped us adjust our design.  This just might be "it".  We will share pictures when the shades arrive.

Other than the shades, Abracadabra's pretty much ready to go.  Molly has purchased $200+/- of additional plastic boxes and bins (one can't be too organized in a small, moving space), washed them and stuffed them full of food staples.  Bryce has done his favorite jobs (engine leaks tracked down and eliminated; head (toilet) re-plumbed (ugh)).  We're so ready that if the potential Named Storm gets a name and moves into Mazatlan there will be a lot of things to undo for storm preparation!   


While not sweating it out on Abracadabra we've managed to engage in some frivolity.  Halloween was celebrated with the crew from S/V Lanikai (Mike an Leilani). 

Los Cuatro Diablos!

After a fabulous dinner at Water's Edge Bistro in Viejo Mazatlan we attended a showing of the Rocky Horror Picture Show - complete with prop bag (rice, toast, flashlight . . . )This cult classic is usually shown at midnight in the U.S. and Canada -- but here in Mexico it was shown at 7:30 in order to get all the retired ex-patriots home shortly after "Mexican midnight" (9 p.m. . . . ). 

Tonight is the Dia de Los Muertos parade in Viejo Mazatlan.  We'll report in on it and the potential named storm soon!

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