Friday, June 26, 2015

20,000 Page Views

Today, Blogger's statistics for Travels on Abracadabra show that we've had over 20,000 page views. 

Of course the statistics also show that there have been page views by:

  • someone searching Google for "rusty tractor" who, upon reaching Travels on Abracadabra probably wondered "how did I get here?"; 
  • at least two different anonymous "readers" who send invitations to suspicious-sounding blog addresses -- probably for the purpose of infecting our computer with a nasty virus (these, thankfully are blocked by Blogger); and
  • the Crew of Abracadabra looking at prior posts while Blogger's "don't count our page views" feature was disengaged.

And Blogger's statistics aren't hyper accurate.

But even if, say, only half of the reported page views are real, human readers -- that still means that several someones out there are reading what we write. [E.g.; Blogger reports 89 page views from Brazil - how cool is that?] 

Many of those someones are members of the audience we hoped we would have: family and friends who are kind enough to tell us they are traveling along with us. 

But we don't have thousands of friends and relatives . . .  

So, on This Big Day in Statistics we would like to say to those of you we haven't met - whoever you are:

Thanks for traveling along. 

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